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Fiscal Policy

The League supports sound fiscal policy which:
  • Creates a balanced, progressive and equitable tax structure;
  • Reduces dependence on the property tax;
  • Reduces disparities in tax rates and essential services among communities;
  • Produces adequate revenue to provide legitimate state services;
  • Encourages state development that meets the social, economic and environmental needs of New Jersey citizens.

Positions in Brief

Dedication of Taxes: Oppose the constitutional dedication of taxes.

Public School Funding: Promote state fiscal measures to improve and equalize opportunities for public education including aid for school facilities and adequate support for children with special needs. Protect school districts from arbitrary funding changes. State education mandates should be used to meet educational standards, include significant state funding and adequate time for implementation.

Tax and Spending Limits: Support limits on taxation and spending by municipal, county, school, and state government.

Tax and Spending Policy: Promote sound fiscal policies through a progressive and equitable tax structure with adequate revenue to provide state and local services to meet the needs of New Jersey citizens. Support measures to reduce dependence on the local property tax and disparities in tax rates and services among communities.

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