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Get Involved with the League of Women Voters of New Jersey to Strengthen our Democracy!

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The League of Women Voters of New Jersey is the organization where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement. Here you can add your voice, along with over 150,000 League members and supporters across the country, in making democracy work.

We are:
  • Acting as a force to create positive and lasting change in our communities
  • Empowering millions of voters to protect their right to vote
  • Educating New Jersey residents and fostering civil dialogue on important issues
  • Working to ensure that ALL votes are counted
  • Preserving our constitutional rights

Since 1920, individuals like you have shaped the issues that impact our communities and our democracy through their connection to the League. Our grassroots, nonpartisan network is one of New Jersey's most trusted institutions. We keep our communities fair, vibrant, and strong.

Join Today Because...
  • You want to be politically informed. League members study, discuss, and debate policy issues and legislation that directly affects their communities.
  • You want to help others become informed and active. League members provide New Jersey voters with the information they need to get to the polls and make informed decisions on election days.
  • You think government needs a watchdog. Together we can improve transparency and prevent corruption.
  • You want to shape policy. Our nonpartisan grassroots membership decides the issues and the positions on which the League will advocate.
  • You want to lead. Through a variety of leadership workshops and other opportunities, the League gives you the tools to become an effective leader and community organizer.
  • You want to join the discussion. The League is dedicated to making positive changes, and members are invited to public forums and candidate debates.

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